Life in PAT

We do our best to take care of everyone, in addition to leading everyone to achieve our goals, we also hope that colleagues can feel the power of a happy life in addition to hard work.

Charming PAT @ Happy Life

We regularly plan and organize activities to achieve a balance between work and family, take a family trip with family members, while creating memorable parent-child memories.

Happy in PAT @ Year-end Party

Supporting each other, encouraging together, embracing the warmth, and welcoming every challenge with full enthusiasm, this is the power of PAT. Tonight, let us say goodbye to the hard work of the past year, enjoy the sweet fruits, ride the hopes and dreams, and move forward.

When we feel that we lose the motivation to move forward, our partners can always support each other. I believe that this power supports us to continue to move forward. "The brave is fearless!" Happiness is right beside us. PAT, come on!