Safe and Healthy Workplace

Health and Care

Talent is one of the most important assets for the company's continuous growth. PAT provides a comprehensive staff care and health care mechanism. we cooperate with professional medical institutions to conduct annual health checks, conduct health management based on employee health check results, and provide medical consultation services to care for the physical and mental health of employees.

Healthy Workplace

According to the law of occupational safety and health, the in-service workers shall perform general health checks, special health checks for those who are particularly hazardous to health operations, and health checks designated by the central competent authority for specific subjects and specific items. The company provides colleagues with free health check in accordance with the prescribed period, and strives to achieve the health and safety of employees, family members, customers and community residents, promotes their comfort and safety at the physiological, psychological, social and organizational levels, and strengthens self-health management, Improve the strategy and ultimately make everyone more energetic, active and satisfied.

Gender Friendly Work Workplace

Establish a friendly workplace with no discrimination and equality, that is, employees and employers respect each other in the workplace and work together to create a gender-equal working environment.

  • • The Gender Equality Law implements the policy of parental leave, encourage returning to the workplace after the end of the vacation, take care of both career and family.
  • Encourage female colleagues to breastfeed and establish a safe and comfortable breastfeeding room.
  • Provide special parking space for pregnant women.
  • Signing a good kindergarten and child-care institution, providing the choice of employees' children and the care of pre-school education, so that the colleagues have no worries and have a happy life in the workplace and family.
  • Sexual Harassment complaint E-mail:shpa@panther.com.tw

Safety and Health Policy

  • Comply with regulations and Develop specifications.
  • Hazard prevention and Risk control.
  • Full participation, Health and safety.
  • Continual improvement and Sustainable Development.

Disaster Prevention and Safety

PAT implements the disaster prevention protection plan and strengthens the concept of disaster prevention for employees. At the same time, the emergency response team members conduct emergency education training at least once every six months, carry out disaster prevention education and training to improve the disaster prevention of full. Common sense and resilience ensure that damages are minimized in the event of fire, earthquakes and other