Incentives & Benefits

Salary reward

  • Annual salary of 14 months as the principle (including the Holiday bonus and year-end bonuses)
  • Performance bonus
  • To share the operating success with employee’s, based on company profitability, the achievement of organization goals and the profit sharing bonus program.

Employee Welfare

  • Birthday gift vouchers and Labor day bonus
  • Praises employee recognition
  • Subsidies wedding, funeral, childbirth …. etc.
  • Free parking and spaces parking for pregnant women
  • Annual outing

Employee care

  • Consummate insurance
    1. 1.Labor protection, Health insurance, Labor pension
    2. 2.Employee's group insurance and dependent insurance benefits
    3. 3.Employee's ravel insurance
  • Health Examinations of Employee's
  • Staff Dormitories (personal suite)

Friendly Working Environment

  • Safe place to work
  • Breastfeeding Room, Staff's lounge, Staff's dining room
  • Gender equality working conditions and environment