About PAT

Business Philosophy

PAT provides professional testing services for mixed-signal, logic, Analog and RF products. For better services, we also provide to develop test plan of new project with customers from 1997.


Test Services

  • Turn-Key service with outsource assembly
  • Wafer Sort : Wafer sorting
  • Package Test : Final Testing, STL, Lead scan, Baking, Tape & Reel, Dry Pack
  • Backend Turn-Key Solution

System Services

  • Test program and environment development, Test circuit design.
  • Test Program Verification and Optimization, Engineering Lot Support, Logistic arrangements.
  • Test platform transfers and program verify.
  • Module-to-systems product offerings and design-to-distribution total solutions.


Our mission statement is focusing on “Quality”, we have a golden triangle strategy consisting of “Excellent service”, “Fast reaction”, and “Innovation”.


Quality is where value and respect begins. Quality first, delivery second and cost third are the steadfast principles that allow us to maintain customer loyalty. Constant attention to detail is how we achieve broad growth.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the ones who sign our paychecks. Identifying their needs and understanding their markets helps us create maximum value for them.

Quick reflexes (Fast reaction)

First movers in the market always capture the value of future trends. Formulate strategies accordingly and execute effectively in advance of competitors.


Innovation is fueled by daily renewal, and often ends because of complacency.

PAT's Belief

Integrity is the guiding principles, commitments, and beliefs of Panther Technology. Trust from shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers. These values are applied throughout the company's daily business operations and management.