PAT adopted the EICC (Electronic Industry Code of Conduct) in 2012, renamed RBA ( Responsible Business Alliance) on October 17, 2017, which has integrated key requirements of Social Accountability in Electronic Industries. RBA was established to ensure safe working conditions in the electronic supply chain, workers to be treated with respect and dignity, and manufacturers to meet environmental standard.

Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment

Corporate social responsibility is Panther's mostly highly important part, covers sound company govemance, to promote environmental protection and energy conservation and the protection of the rights and interests of employees. Our commitments are as follows :

  • Implementation of company's govermance , upgrading , to protect and give value and respect for the rights and interests of shareholders and stakeholders .
  • As to the high moralities code of ethics to promote the company management, requiring all employees to comply with the law, incorruptible requlation, protection of intellectual property rights, to prevent inappropriate benefits to carry out damage to Company, customer and suppliers interest .
  • Strictly observe govement labor law and decree and Responsible Business Alliance(RBA) etc international specification, ensure fair employment, respect of human rights.
  • Compliance with environmental protection and labor safety requlatory requirements, and implementation of energy-saving, waste reduction, and create a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • Establish Supplier management system specification, course through stable sustainable development of win-win strategic partnership, continues procurement of green environmental protection products, also prohibits usage of conflict mineral district products.


To ensure the safety of the PAT company supply chain work environment, employees are respected and have dignity, business operations promote environmental protection and ethics, the company complies with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it operates and a set of specifications for its supply chain, this ensures that safe workers in the workplace are respected and have dignity. Business operations are environmentally friendly and ethical. PAT commits to :

  • Comply with government law and requirements to maintain and respect human rights of all employees.
  • Establish a safe and healthy working environment to meet zero accident in work.
  • Meet social and global responsibility with highest standards of ethics for prevention of human rights abuses and environmental travesties.
  • CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) with management system and internal audit system.
  • Basis on the concepts of probity, transparency, responsibility and set up the policy of integrity ground to create sustainable development.

Conflict Minerals Policy

We commit and also request our suppliers to comply with the following requirements and shall conducts related business transactions in accordance with RBA :

not to use and not to purchase the conflicting minerals from conflict areas and regions, to guarantee their products free from conflicting mineral from the Congo and surrounding countries or regions, to trace the source of gold, tantalum, tungsten, tin used in all products, to convey such requests to its upstream suppliers for compliance, and to require our suppliers not to use any conflicting materials.

Health Care and Promotion

Human capital is one of the invaluable assets that support our business success. PAT provides several items for employee care and health, the detail contents please refer the web of "Human Resource".Also provides annual employee health examinations by cooperating with medical institution, gives health management and consultation basing on health examination report.

Performance and Practice

In the year 2011, we were awarded the “Stamp of health working place with self-certified promotion” by Bureau of health promotion, department of Health.